print Last Update October 11 2016

Research Fellows

Students of Chemical Sciences/ Life Sciences/ Pharmaceutical Sciences from different universities are in a unique position to advance research and translate findings from the lab. The BCSIR Laboratory Chittagong, Fellows Program gives these students a chance to focus on a research project full-time and determine how they can incorporate research into their professional careers.

BCSIR Laboratory Chittagong Research Fellow Program aims to be a best-in-industry experience for researchers, providing an academic focus in a commercial environment. With the resources, reach, and expertise of a large pharmaceutical environment at your fingertips, the research activity of BCSIR Laboratory Chittagong is positioned to excel in an institution committed to breakthrough innovation in research and discovery.
Application Instructions: Please provide a 1000 words (maximum) Research Summary via email. The summary must include this information as subheadings in the text.

Introduction: Describe background and significance of research.

 Experimental Plan: Describe the research experiments in non-technical detail.

Innovation: Describe how the project uses innovative or novel experimental approaches or addresses research questions using a new approach. References must be provided. They are not counted in the 2-page limit.

Prepare a short-form CV. All these information should submit in Microsoft word.

Research Fellows, after completing their Masters, can join in the running R&D projects of the BCSIR through competitive requirement system. Apart from the R&D project they involved, they also work in other laboratory activities related to R&D project.