21 August, 2019



Dr. Mohammad Mostafa

Director (In-Charge)

BCSIR Laboratories, Chittagong.

Aimed at fulfilling the target of vision 2021, the government of Bangladesh engaged for pursuing scientific research for the betterment of the Bangladeshi people. The Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR) laboratories Chittagong has been playing a major role in this dynamic process, by conducting, promoting and co-coordinating market driven scientific and industrial research, rescheduling organizational set-up/organogram, ordinance, by-laws and regulations to meet the demand of vision 2021, getting all laboratories accreditated to cater the needs of the local market as well as the export market in addition to training up various research and analytical laboratories of the country; creating and sustaining a congenial atmosphere to flourish R&D activities in the country and generating income to replenish 25% of the total expenditure of BCSIR. Covering a wide spectrum of science and technology, BCSIR Chittagong is pursuing both basic and applied research in the field of medicinal and aromatic plants, industrial microbiology, phytochemistry, chemistry, drug and toxicology, development of herbal products, cosmetics and food supplements etc, with the full establishment of eight research divisions. In addition to taking up research projects on current national issues, the BCSIR Chittagong is also mandated to offer analytical services to solve various fundamental and applied problems faced by the industries, different public and private organizations, enterprises, entrepreneurs and stakeholders. The BCSIR Chittagong is a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach, bringing everything to make a unique platform for teaching and training for graduate students and postdoctoral trainees. Among other research institutions in the country, BCSIR Chittagong is working as a liaison and coordination platform for the relevant public agencies to reduce the gap and barrier, by concentrating on discovery, translate the research into applications and products. Please visit our informative website and find out for yourself the wealth of opportunities that exist here on the platform of research and innovation.