print Last Update February 6 2019


Dr. Md Abdus Salam has presented an update of Ph.D. research and future research plan in BCSIR Laboratories on 27th December, 2016 after completion of his Ph.D. on “Hydrogen adsorption on nano-crystalline hydrotalcite derived mixed oxides adsorbents”. He presented synthesized nano-structured hydrotalcite derived mixed oxides adsorbents and fabricated a reactor for hydrogen storage performances analysis. He has highlighted hydrogen as a future fuel and hydrogen economy in his talk that can help to reduce the depletion of fossil fuel and dominate the fuel sector soon. He would like to introduce a hydrogen energy technologies laboratories where he is going to commence the hydrogen economy research (Hydrogen production, storage, and utilization). He would like invite researcher and students to continue their Ph.D. and MS research and to support energy sector for sustainable future.

Dr. Md Abdus Salam has extensive experiences in strengthening industry-relevant research and
development and in delivering educational excellence. He has obtained a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering
from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia after completion of his research on “Hydrogen
Adsorption of Nanostructured Hydrotalcite based Mixed Oxides Adsorbents”. He has contributed as a
faculty member of Chemical Engineering department, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), Malaysia
after completion of his Ph.D. He has to-date published more than 50 papers in journals and conference
proceedings both locally and internationally. His active involvement in research, invention and
innovation in Hydrogen economy research (Hydrogen Production and Storage), catalysis and the
density functional theory based molecular simulation of the processes made him active member of
mission oriented researcher and established a solid track record in the field of hydrogen economy. Dr
Salam has been supervising PhD and MS students (Mode of research) since 2013. He has been an
Associate Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) since 2013 and a Affiliate
Member of the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) since 2015.