print Last Update February 6 2019

PhD Research Work Presentation by Dr. Saiful Islam

On September 5, 2018, an outstanding PhD work was presented by Mr. Dr. Saiful Islam, Senior Scientific Officer, BCSIR Laboratories Chittagong, in the director room, BCSIR Laboratories Chittagong after his successful completion of PhD.

Dr. Mohammad Mostafa, director, BCSIR Laboratories Chittagong Chaired the Seminar. The presence of Scientists and officers made the occasion more significant and they expressed their heartiest “Congratulations” to Dr. Saiful Islam.

Mr. Dr. Saiful Islam has presented and shared his research experiences and prestigious achievements from his long journey of PhD from Dept. of Neurobiology, Graduate School of Medicine, Gifu University, Japan. His prestigious research was entitled “Odor preference and olfactory memory are impaired in Olfaxin-deficient mice”.

Scientific Association of BCSIR Laboratories Chittagong along with honorable chaired Scientist welcomed him with a bouquet of flowers and crest after end of the presentation.