print Last Update October 11 2016

Laboratory animal


The Animal House Facility of BCSIR Laboratory Chittagong maintains thirty one strains of mice three strains of rats, two strains of guinea pigs in different rooms. The average number of animals at any one time is about 6000. The animal rooms are maintained at 22.2ºC with a relative humidity of 55.5%. A 12-hour light-dark cycle is maintained with automatic timers. All the environmental factors are moderated carefully. The animal facility is registered under BCSIR, Government of Bangladesh.

The main objective of the Animal House is to supply defined strains of mice, rats, guinea pigs etc to the scientific community of the laboratory.

Mouse genotype laboratory was recently established with equipment related to genetic monitoring and biochemical monitoring of laboratory animals. Routine check for genetic contamination in lab animals is carried out using PCR and enzyme markers analyzed through different techniques.

A trained veterinarian carries out regular health monitoring of all animals to ensure that they are free from contagious diseases. To prevent the transmission of infection, standard hygienic procedures, i.e., use of sterilized bedding, autoclaved cages, zero  bacteria/autoclaved drinking water and handling of animals using gloved hands are followed. Necropsy and autopsy of suspected contagious/infectious animals are performed by a veterinarian and prophylactic measures are implemented.

Regular screening of microorganisms and production colony mice, feed, water, paddy husk, and isolators are carried out by various microbiological and pathological techniques, viz., culture, differential staining techniques, biochemical tests and histopathology. All animal house records are updated and maintained everyday.