print Last Update October 23 2016

Industrial Microbiological Research Division


The Division of Industrial Microbiology of BCSIR Chittagong is directed towards microbial physiology and molecular mechanisms by research and training. Projects within the group are focused on biocatalysis, food safety & probiotics, forensic & diagnostic PCR, industrial biotechnology, water quality & environmental microbiology. Furthermore, the division aims to achieve national and international recognition through the effective creation and dissemination of knowledge in Microbiology. It aims to promote and benefit from synergistic collaboration with academic colleagues in allied disciplines, including cell immunology, structural biology, gene regulation, mathematics and drug discovery.

Mission and goals

We emphasize our research interests including the detection of growth, survival, inactivation, toxigenesis, and molecular characterization of bacterial, viral and parasitic pathogens in raw and processed foods. The group also examines, develops, and incorporates new and emerging technologies which can be used for the detection of pathogens and in enhancing food safety. We also involve in the development/validation of methods for the timely and reliable detection of human foodborne pathogens and toxins in foods and for the validation of food processing technologies. The Division is a major advisor to government and private agencies and also for food industries on the dynamics and detection of pathogens in foods and food processing.


Division Head