print Last Update October 4 2016

Chemical Research Division


The Chemical Research Division of BCSIR Chittagong performs discovery and use-inspired research to understand, predict, and control the physical processes and chemical transformations, relevant to energy technologies, over a broad range of length and time scales. Fundamental and practical measurement of chemicals, biomolecules, and materials is critical to the advancement of every aspect of modern science. Both theoretical and analytical research naturally grow out of our fundamental studies. Extraordinary facilities for instrumentation and electronics conception, design, testing, and application, coupled with rigorous student training, have created a vibrant, dynamic, top-ranked program in Chemical Research Division at BCSIR Chittagong. Traditional analytical approaches – mass spectrometry, optical spectroscopy, separations, and electrochemistry – are augmented by interdisciplinary efforts in chemical biology and materials chemistry. Our mission is to conceive, define, and develop future analytical tools and methods and to train the next generation of leaders in the field.

Mission and goals

The mission is to have safe and healthy food which can be achieved by:

  1. Development and/or establishment of methodologies in chemical and related sciences with a view to eventually deliver a product, process, intellectual property, tacit knowledge or service that can create wealth and provide other benefits to BCSIR Chittagong’s stakeholders.
  2. Increasing the detailed molecular understanding of the binding and the mechanism of action of biologically active molecule.
  3. Development new methodologies to detect and quantify the chemical entity from different sample.


Division Head